Thursday, February 27, 2020

Measurement and Scaling Concepts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Measurement and Scaling Concepts - Essay Example To Joppe (2000), validity determines what is intended to measure or how truthful the research results are, while Wainer and Braun (1998) further describe validity in quantitative research as, the â€Å"construct validity†. This â€Å"construct† is considered as the initial concept, question, notion, or hypothesis which determines the kind of data that is to be gathered and the manner on how it is to be gathered. Researchers can normally determine validity through asking a series of questions, as well as what will often come across from the answers in the study of others (p. 1). Reliability on the other hand, is the measure whether the research is repeatable; it determines to which extent a measure is comparatively free of random error or is consistent to the specified scores assigned to objects or events (Dipboye, Smith, & Howell, 1994). Kirk and Miller (1986) identified that there are three types of reliability which relate to: (1) the extent to which a measurement, agreed repeatedly, remains the same (2) measurement’s stability over time; and also (3) the similarity of measurements in a given time period (pp. 41-42). Charles (1995) added that, reliability can also mean a high degree of stability, which can be verified through replication of outcomes. In the business sector, according to Miglautsch (2005), any conceptual definition is referred to as an thought or abstraction of techniques as well as practices which include the limitations related to the adoption or application of the definition. Possibly, no one definition will entirely describe the concept, as dissimilar definitions are used for diverse purposes. A "good" conceptual definition should be used in a clear, precise, and complete manner as much as possible. In addition, Operational definition provides the variable/s the meaning based on how study is utilized to a particular study. In view of the fact that the meaning of the study rests on the manner as to

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